Setting priority on a PPPoE interface

By default, a PPPoE / DHCP connection is assigned a priority of 5. For static routes by default, a priority of 10 is assigned.

The route with the lowest priority is the preferred route.

If the PPPoE connection is to be a backup connection, for example using a xDSL in case the main fibre goes down. The default settings will mean that the xDSL link will become the preferred route and no traffic will go over the main fibre.

In 5.4, there is no option to change the priority in the GUI, this needs to be done by CLI

To changed, in CLI go to the interface and “set priority xx”

configure system interface
edit XXX        XXX = interface name
set priority YY     YY = priority value


To see the result in the routing table in CLI type  Get router info routing-table all

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