GPO WMI Filtering

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) filtering can be used so that a GPO only applies if certain requirements are met, for example the Operating System is of a certain version or only applied at certain times of the day.

To implement WMI filtering first a filter needs to be created and then that filter applied to the GPO.

To create a WMI filter:

  • In the GPMC right click WMI Filters and click on NEW
  • In the New WMI Filter dialog box, type in a name and description, click on Add
  • In the WMI Query box, type in a WMI Query. For example like below, which matches Windows 10 devices
  • After adding the queries, click on save.


To apply a WMI filter to a GPO, select This GPO  Is Linked To The Following WMI filter from the drop down box as shown in below image.

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