GPO software installation

Group policy can be used to deploy software to computers. The steps to do this involve

  • Create a shared folder which the users or computers can access. The msi files goes here
  • Create a GPO for software distribution
  • In the GPO either
    • Assign the software package – this causes the software to be installed automatically. If assigned to a user, then it installs the first time that user logon to the computer. If assigned to a computer then the software is install upon startup of the computer.
    • Publish the software package – this causes the software to be listed as available for install and is only available for the user.

To Assign or publish a software package in GMPC, go to under the computer or user section expand Software Settings.  Right click on Software setting, point to New, and then click Package.

In the Open dialog box, type the full Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path of the shared installer package that you want. For example, \\AGHADS01\software_install\GoogleChrome.msi

Click, open and then either

  • Assign (Computer and user)
  • Publish (user only)
  • Advanced covers other options. See below.


Redeploy a package

Remove a package

Advanced options

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