GPO Group Policy preferences

Group policy preference allow you to manageĀ drive mappings, registry settings, local users and groups, services, files, and folders without the need to learn a scripting language in theĀ familiar Group Policy Management Console (GPMC).

The preference extensions are:

  • Applications
  • Data Sources
  • Devices
  • Drive Maps
  • Environment
  • Files
  • Folder Options
  • Folders
  • Ini Files
  • Internet Settings
  • Local Users and Groups
  • Network Options
  • Network Shares
  • Power Options
  • Printers
  • Regional Options
  • Registry
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Services
  • Shortcuts
  • Start Menu


GPP common options

Each group policy preferences has a common tab that is consistent among the preference extensions.

Stop processing items in the extension if an error occurs

  • By default if there is an error the other items in the same extension still process. Ticking this will stop at error.

Run in logged-on user’s security context

  • By default preferences are process using the security context of SYSTEM account. This option changes it so that the users account is use, which is importing is accessing network drives.

Removed this item when it is no longer applies

  • By default preference items are not removed if the user or computer become out of scope of the GPO.

Apply once and not reapply

  • Just as it says.

Item-level targeting

  • Allow the extension to be filtered to specific items.

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