Every domain must have a Start of Authority record, it is a type of resource record containing information about the zone and especially zone transfers.


Serial number – Increments every time there is a change.

Primary Server – The FQDN of the primary or master name server for the zone file

Responsible person – mail address of the person responsible for the domain’s zone file

Refresh interval – The time that a secondary name server should wait between zone file update checks

Retry Interval – The time that a secondary name server should wait before trying to contact the primary name server after a failed attempt to check for a zone file update

Expires after – The time that the secondary name server will keep the zone file as valid.

Minimum TTL – Specifies the default Time To Live (TTL) for resource records

TTL for this record – the TTL of the SOA record


The SOA record can be modified in the GUI or by using dnscmd.exe

DNSCMD example:
dnscmd /recordadd bigfirm.com @ SOA winserver.bigfirm.com mark.bigfirm.com 41 1800 60 2592000 7200

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