DNS Zone aging and scavenging

DNS aging and scavenging allows for the automatic clean up of stale resource records.

Aging is used for identifying stale DNS records and has two sections

  • No-refresh interval –¬†It is a period of time during which a resource record cannot be refreshed
  • Refresh interval – The period of time in which a resource record can be refreshed but not scavenged

After to about two intervals, if a record has not been refresh, it becomes stale is is able to be scavenged.


Scavenging is the feature that cleans up and removed stale resource records.

To enable Aging

Right-click on the zone and select properties, on the General tab click Aging and tick Scavenge stale resource records

To enable scavenging

Go to the properties of your DNS server, go to Advanced tab and then enable Enable automatic scavenging of stale records check box


The Set-DnsServerScavenging  powershell cmdlet can be used to make changes to the scavenging settings on a Domain Name System (DNS) server.

Other powershell cmdlets

Get-DnsServerScavenging –¬†gets aging and scavenging settings on a Domain Name System (DNS) server
Start-DnsServerScavenging – notifies a DNS server to attempt a search for stale resource records

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