Office 365 archive mailboxes

Office 365 provides the function of Archiving which provides users with additional mailbox storage space. When this is enabled items in the user’s mailbox that are older than the archiving policy assigned to the mailbox will be moved to the new archive mailbox.

Enabling Archive


  1. Go to
  2. Click Information governance > Archive.
  3. In the list of mailboxes, select the user that you want to enable the archive mailbox for.
  4. In the details pane for the selected user, click Enable.
  5. At the warning, click Yes to enable the archive mailbox.


To enable an archive mailbox of a single user the following command can be run

Enable-Mailbox -Identity <username> -Archive

To enable the archive mailbox for all users in your organization (whose archive mailbox is currently not enabled).

Get-Mailbox -Filter {ArchiveStatus -Eq "None" -AND RecipientTypeDetails -eq "UserMailbox"} | Enable-Mailbox -Archive

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